Golf Tip – how to hit a draw

Golf is one of those sports where the professionals can seem like gods as they make almost impossible shots seem like something they do every day of the week –  and that’s because they do.

Few amateurs realise this but professional golfers put in more training hours than almost any other professional sport, hitting thousands of balls each week both on the course and on the driving range.

One of the key shots that pro’s make look easy, but us mere mortals struggle to achieve is the ‘draw shot’. It’s a useful shot that sets the ball on a slightly curving trajectory from right to left as it flies.

Every golfing magazine on the planet has it’s own tips for achieving the perfect draw shot, but almost every one of those supposedly simple tips fails to explain the physics that makes a ball curve in a draw.

If you’ve ever played snooker or pool you’ll probably be aware of the concept of putting side spin on the cue ball. You use usually do this by striking the ball slightly to the left or right of centre. This makes the ball spin sideways as it moves forward and therefore produces a curved path.

By applying this concept of side spin to your golf shots you can start to introduce a draw (or fade) to your shots.

So the next time you want to hit a draw think about striking the ball not in a parallel direction to your target, but at a slight angle to the right of target. To counter-act the direction of this swing you’ may need to turn your club head in very slightly so it remains fixed on the direction of your target – but as with the pro’s it’s a case of practice, practice, practice!

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