Brand Development for an Airline

Branding an airline – an exciting opportunity for even the largest of creative agencies.

Following a pitch win Jet Corporation appointed Clarion to develop their brand identity and roll it out across multiple channels.

First came the brand identity – with a number of naming conventions in the mix and concept creative developed across various options, they settled on ‘My Jet Corporation’. Implementation of creative developed into style guides to establish branding consistencies across multiple channels.

The brand identity rolled-out across company stationery, sales brochures, investor/owner reports, email marketing and website design and build that included functionality such as an interactive Europe wide ‘range-finder’map, data capture, document downloads and a secure ‘members VIP lounge’.

As a first of its kind concept Jet Corporation broke the mould in private jet ownership – offering fractional ownership at around 25% of the cost of traditional jet charter and around 50% of the cost of competitor air taxi operators.

Developing a new brand identity for private jet ownership, with roll-out across multiple channels.
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