Product Catalogue with complex
information design solution for a
global Talent Management Consultants

Now in it’s 8th edition the AC-EXS catalogue is A&DC’s flagship publication – offering the world’s widest range of ready-to-use candidate assessment and selection tools, with a portfolio that now extends to more than 200 ready-to-use assessment exercises.

Communicating this complex offering from A&DC required ingenious information design. The solution incorporates an intuitive cross-referencing mix of iconography and colour coding alongside exceptional graphic design and typography.

Following the successful launch of this 7th edition catalogue Clarion were appointed to take the solution on-line. incorporates the same use of colour and icon coding to deliver an intuitive filter and search solution across the 200+ exercise range.

Ingenious information design combined with exceptional graphic design and typography.

"I would like to thank you all for the fantastic job you did on the 7th edition of the AC-EXS Catalogue. As you know, every man and his dog has some form of opinion on our flagship publication – to change it as much as we did was a risk but is has paid off tenfold!"

Marketing Manager
Assessment & Development Consultants Ltd

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