Corporate Identity for
Business Consultancy

At The Clarion Portfolio we love it when we get the opportunity to work with start-ups or young businesses – it gives us the chance to sow the seeds of a new brand and nurture it as it grows.

As a partnership that was established just 18 months ago, Thinkbox Consulting required a new corporate identity that would position them as a well established organisation and appeal across multiple business sectors.

The end result is a new logo design and strap line developed by Clarion that ensures Thinkbox are seen as forward thinking, dynamic and approachable organisation, whilst inspiring confidence in their target audience and setting them apart from their competition.

Since launch, Clarion have rolled-out the new corporate identity across business stationery, presentation literature and the new Thinkbox Consulting website.

A new corporate identity that positions Thinkbox Consulting as a forward thinking and dynamic business consultancy.

“We would like to mention just how much we LOVE the new Thinkbox brand and identity.

A massive hats off to the Clarion team - a brilliant job!”

Thinkbox Consulting Ltd

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