Direct Mail Campaign Management System
for a Retail Bank

An organisation that is the size of RBS handles huge volumes of outbound mailings on a daily basis. This clearly requires robust systems for control and contact data management.

The RBS ‘OneTouch’ direct mail campaign management system has been specifically designed by Clarion as a web based intranet solution to streamline their outbound mailings to customers and prospects.

Communicating directly with their CRM and the digital presses, this incredibly effective ‘on-demand’ print solution enables every type of personalised mailing to be set-up with pre-determined frequency and automated to call-in personalised and variable data content. Functionality also includes the likes of proofing systems, an assets library, stock control, user rights management and historical records and reporting, whilst project stakeholders are always fully informed via automated email notifications.

A slick and intuitive user experience

At Clarion we designed and developed this complex online campaign management system through project scoping, end-to-end information architecture (IA), site mapping and wire framing. Final design incorporated clear sign-posting, colour coding and iconography to deliver an intuitive user interface (UI) and slick user experience. We went on to develop the front-end HTML, CSS and Javascript code prior to hand-over for the back-office system to be developed by the RBS IT team.

The end result is a huge saving in internal resource through increased accuracy and efficiency.

This web based campaign management system delivers an incredibly efficient 'on-demand', high volume direct mail print solution.
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