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As with the design development of the new C7 Architects brand identity, the new website design was to be an evolution of the original website – also designed and developed by Clarion. The new look demanded that it presents their own love of creativity whilst appealing to their varied target audience groups, that range from retail, to the top end private residential market, and to small and large scale commercial builds.

As a result this brochure styled website enhances the new brand and differentiates C7 from their competition, presenting their high end project portfolio in an environment that delivers the same level of creativity and finish that is enjoyed by their clients.
Building the new brand and differentiating C7 Architects from their competition.

“We have thoroughly enjoyed our working relationship with Clarion. Our website is a testimony to their design talents and we have had so much positive feedback on both the website and our branding."

C7 Architects

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